Established by Doris and Victor Day in 1965, this foundation has sought to fulfill their vision of a "better place" a reality in the Quad Cities. The Foundation office opened in August of 1987, and in the following years the board of directors have sought to bring Doris and Vic's dream to life.

A better place is a community in which all of the citizens share a good life with adequate shelter, food, and medical care.


A better place is a community in which opportunities for growth and development are available.

A better place is a community in which citizens work together to face the challenges of life.

To reach some of those goals as a "better place" the trustees have emphasized grants that meet human needs. Emergency assistance, affordable housing, child care, job training, support programs, scholarships, and education have been the focus of many grants.


The Directors of the Foundation are committed to a policy of flexibility and do not want to establish rigid regulations that limit the creative ability to meet needs as they arise in the community. That being said, there are a few guidelines that the Foundation follows:


Grants for program, operating and capital expenses that focus in the areas of:

  • Direct services, in the areas of health, education, youth development, community development, culture and basic human need.

  • Organizations or projects that are working to reduce poverty and injustice and promote democratic values, free expression and human achievement.


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