We ask that all those receiving a project grant from our foundation submit a grant report. This allows us to review your project and celebrate your success. (Please download document by clicking on the button below)


Things to include in the report:


  • Name of organization

  • Grant title

  • Grant Amount

  • Name of person reporting


Please include the following narrative in one to two pages:


  • Account of the project/program and its goals

  • Statement of how goals were met

  • Comment on what was successful in the program and what should be reexamined                              

  • Description of plans for the program next year, if applicable

  • Any significant changes in the program during the year

  • Any signifiacnt changes in the organization during the year (staff/board)


Attachments (optional)


  • The most recent annual report, if not already provided

  • Most recent publications, news articles or other relevant materials about your organization or the funded project (please be selective)