Grants are awarded on a yearly basis.
Applications are due May 1.
Awards are annoucement prior to Labor Day.


The board of directors review all grant applications and use the following in their decision making:


Program Interests

The Directors of the Foundation are committed to a policy of flexibility and do not want to establish rigid regulations that limit the creative ability to meet needs as they arise in the community. That being said, there are a few guidelines that the Foundation follows:

Grants for program, operating and capital expenses that focus in the areas of:

  • Direct services, in the areas of health, education, youth development, community development, culture and basic human need.

  • Organizations or projects that are working to reduce poverty and injustice and promote democratic values, free expression and human achievement.


Geographical Focus

While there is no geographical restriction of the physical location of a qualified organization, grant proposals are restricted to proposals that serve the people of Rock Island County and Scott County of the Quad Cities.


Grant Restrictions

The Foundation only makes grants to charitable organizations that have been recognized by the IRS as being described in Section 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) or 509(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

The Foundation does not award the following type of grants:

  • Grants to individuals.

  • Individual scholarships (undergraduate/graduate).

  • Religious organizations applying for programs that are sectarian.

  • Organizations that discriminate by not practicing or supporting full equality.


How to Apply

Prior to submitting a grant request, applicants should obtain the Foundation’s Application Packet, which can be downloaded here. The Application Packet includes 1) The Cover Page Application, 2) Proposal Narrative Instructions, 3) Required Financial Documents, 4) A Grant Application Check List. Applicants are to review the instructions carefully and submit all required information. In some cases, missing information will result in a denied application.


A staff member may contact an applicant after the deadline for further information as it relates to a request. If no further information is requested, it does not mean that a grant application is denied.


Please submit one copy by mail; electronic submissions will not be accepted. Do not send applications in binders or folders or include videotapes, audiotapes, CDs or DVDs.


Submit application to:

The Doris and Victor Day Foundation

1800 Third Avenue, Suite 302

Rock Island, IL  61201


The deadline for all applications is May 1

Decisions are made prior to the Labor Day


More than $700,000 was awarded in 2013.


More than $18.5 Million has been awarded since 1987.

  Contact Information

​​The Foundation Staff is available by telephone or email to any interested applicants.


Alan L. Egly, Executive Director

David Geenen, Program Officer