You may apply for a grant by downloading the guide and cover page application on this site. You will need adobe reader and a version of a Microsoft Word in order to open the files.



Cover Page Application

The cover page application is not to exceed one page. You may adjust the spacing to accommodate the information for the one page requirement.


Information that will be asked on the cover page include:

  • Organization name

  • Your Federal TAX ID #

  • If you have received grants from the Foundation in the past, list the year, amount and grant title (up to 5 years)

  • The name of the project

  • Amount requested

  • A summary of your project in less than 20 words (the directors will refer to these words several times during the review process, these are key words in your application)

  • A description of the grant request.  Tip: include a statement on how your project (grant funds) will be utilized to enhance the Quad City Area

  • A list of current (and pending) funding sources for your fiscal year

  • The names of current board of directors / trustees / officers.


Please attach a copy of your current budget and the most recent financial statements that show a balance sheet, report of income and expenditures to the cover page.


You may attach additional information such as newsletters, brochures, and/or articles that showcase the organization or project. These items will be placed in a file to be accessed during board meetings.

The Cover Page Application and attachments must be submitted to the Foundation by the end of business on May 1. Standard postal mail or electronic mail submissions are accepted.

Please email complete applications to Dave Geenen at

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